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We take your case on prepared to challenge creditors and expose for violations.


We challenge the source who is reporting negatively, not just disputing with bureaus.


Every part of the process is tacked and timestamped via USPS certified mail.


Regardless of credit score, we match you with credit partners to establish trade-lines.


“ In the past month, credit reporting complaints showed the greatest monthly percentage increase compared to other products the CFPB accepts complaints about (including debt collection, mortgages and credit cards – to name a few).”

— Federal Trade Commission Report

We have the resources to bring the fight to the 3-Major
Bureaus, Creditors, and Collection Agencies.
There is always a cost to doing nothing.


In 2009 CreditSalvation Group was founded on the belief that the credit bureaus must be held accountable for their mistakes and lack of response. Over the years our Credit Engagement processes has evolved and in 2013 we introduced our Complaint Portal for our clients where we le charges with the FTC, Attorney General, and other state regulators.

Every client has the right to a fair investigation by the credit bureaus. We are the only firm to file charges against the credit bureaus, creditors, collection agencies, & apartment complexes. When you present a strong case with receipts, documents sent, dates received, & responses it’s hard for the bureaus to not admit fault.

When clients simply initiate a dispute online or hire a credit repair dispute company the credit bureaus respond with a “verified” or “new information below” without giving any explanation on how they reached their conclusion. We expose and demand they give you proof of claim. All of our researched requests and letters are sent via certified mail to ensure receipt. Get the service your deserve and pay hard earned money for.


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  • Tired of Disputing? Accounts verified?

    When a dispute is initiated either online or via mail, the Credit Bureaus receive it and begin an investigation or research request. They have 30 days to complete the investigation and 15 days to respond via mail to the consumer with their results. Problem with this is when client’s dispute results arrived in the mailbox showing: Verified No Change, New Information Below, or Update/Remains. What do you do next? The Credit Bureaus get paid premiums for positive & negative reporting from the creditors and collection agencies. This makes up 94% of their total annual revenue, so you can see why it’s really not in their best interest to just complete an investigation and remove the account. Ever wonder why they removed the 2-3 small collection account but left the “big” one. Try and think why that is, considering the new information you have just read above. Our process is designed to expose the holes in the process by which the Credit Bureaus conduct their process. Contact us today for a No-Pressure look into what’s driving your credit score.

  • Are the scores on credit monitoring sites accurate? CreditKarma?

    Consumer credit reporting sites like Creditkarma, MyFICO, and Freescore.com are a convenient way to check your credit report but often times consumers pull the report and are instantly more confused then they were before. Why is my credit score lower than what the mortgage company told me? Or The other site had my score higher, why is this lower? The answer is that Consumer credit reporting sites each have their own scoring calculation that is different in it’s own way unlike a mortgage or auto report. Mortgage companies, auto dealerships, and credit card companies use a more comprehensive credit report and analysis that is based on give you some sort of collateral or cash vs CreditKarma isn’t. Take those credit scores you see on any of those Consumer credit reporting sites with a large grain of salt before making a large financial decision. We can help determine the likelihood of approval. We also know which banks pull from which credit bureau.

  • Should I get a secured card?

    The new credit foundation has to be built on something and when clients are surfacing out the ashes it’s hard to know what to do. The initial thought and what is suggested most: Get a secured credit card. Sounds logical right and well google suggests it so it must be right, right? Here’s the problem with getting a secured card, you put up $300 or whatever amount into a savings account, then borrow against that deposit, and it begins to report. That sounds great! what’s the problem? The problem is that the $300 limit you have will be the max you will ever have on that card unless you add more funds into the deposit account. Once you build up your credit after 6 months – 2 years you will start getting offers in the mail and finally respond to one. Let’s say it’s approved for $1,000, yay! You’re still wondering, how is this bad? You will be restricted down the road with getting larger limits because that $300 has not increased since you opened it and it looks like they don’t trust you enough to give you an increase. Now you’re stuck in that proverbial “rock & a hard place” because if you cancel it then you would be closing the card that took you to the dance and if you add more funds to match the limits you want those cards have a max on deposit amount. It’s wise to start out with unsecured revolving credit that offers automatic increases. Our company has partners that will approve for credit cards that don’t require a large deposit. Let us work on your credit and get you approved for what you really want and deserve.

  • US vs. THEM

    Typically companies like Creditrepair.com or Lexingtonlaw run through a dispute process at the bureaus level. The difference with US is we send out credit audits to all entities inaccurately reporting via certified mail for tracking to ensure it’s time stamped. We build up a paper trail that we use against those entities and file charges against them for federal violation using several complaint portals we have at our disposal.


  • My sister referred me to Credit Salvation Now and it has been a lifesaver.

    She had other credit repair services that basically took her money with no results but then she told me about Credit Salvation Now. She said they are the real deal and was already seeing results so I tried it and couldn’t agree more. My scores have increased dramatically and as a single mom, that gives me peace of mind beyond measure.

    I am in the process of becoming a first time home buyer which is simply amazing and something I thought I would never be able to do.

    With Credit Salvation Now, you will have someone in your corner and working for YOU to get your credit cleaned up and most importantly, they are upfront. honest, and make things happen. I highly recommend Credit Salvation Now.

    – Britnie Bassett
  • Credit Salvation Now, has turned out to be the best decision we could have made!

    In a word, RESULTS! My husband & l were a bit leery of hiring someone over the phone, but hiring Britton Gallagher, with Credit Salvation Now, has turned out to be the best decision we could have made! We had several tax liens that were reporting incorrectly, and we had been affected by the housing market collapse back in 2009. There was quite a bit of incorrect reporting with all three bureaus. I was at a loss and had no idea where to begin. Britton was not only extremely knowledgeable about the process, he was friendly, non judgmental, honest & was able to explain things to us in terms we could understand. I felt he was genuinely passionate about helping us get our great credit rating back and He did just that! It was nice to be able to put the hard work into his hands and let him do what he does best! I cannot say enough about how great he was to work with. Anytime my husband or I had questions, even when they were very repetitive, he was always a text or phone call away to answer them. So far we have been able to refinance both of our vehicles with OUR credit union, get credit cards and our credit scores have jump an incredible 200 points. It took some time and a little money, but it was completely worth it! We are now in the process of getting a mortgage and back to getting what we want, when we want it! That’s what we all work for. I honestly do not think we could have done any of this without his expertise.

    – Kristy B. League City, TX